This unit is losing HP, but is recovering Focus (kirwar4face) wrote in cliffclavin,
This unit is losing HP, but is recovering Focus

Ah, O.K.!

Ah, okay, I know nobody posted in here for a long time and all, but, I just joined, my name is Cliffie, I wanted to say Hi- I know I might look more like Nahm, but I can't do Nahm- I could do a pretty good Frazier, though, listen: "Oh, God, Sam, hide me- if Lilith finds me here again, I'm finished!" Heh heh- pretty good, eh? Eh? Ya know the funny thing about Frazier is he's a shrink, y'know, but he's kinda nutty- just like the rest of us, y'know? So anyway I just wanted to say I think the worst thing about the show ever was when they had that restaurant guy stickin it to Sam on the last season of the show- that really sucked, y'know? Also I think when Coach died, I mean the guy who played Coach, they shouldn't a made jokes about him- they shoulda had Coach die and buried him, and then maybe Sam coulda tried to get Diane in the sack after the funeral, it's only decent, y'know? Or maybe she coulda got the hots for Sam right there at the grave. Anyway I guess I'll sit down at the corner a the bar here and shut up now, nice to meet ya (*blush*).
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Deleted comment

Yeah, yeah, I miss Diane too, she was all right! Little Miss Bouncy-Hair is a little bit of a b-i-t-c-h if you get my French. Ya know? Hey, hey, nice ta meet ya, buy ya a beer next time I see ya. If I ain't broke that week.
awh I loved Coach..I didnt really have a problem with Rebecca.I had a problem with her boyfriend with her millionaire boyfriend Robin.HE JUST GOT ON MY NERVES! Lilith is still the best :)
Oh, yeah, "Rob-inn"! Mr. Fancy-boy! How come snooty guys like that get laid alla time and a hard-working guy, a postal professional, somebody who's knockin himself out tryin to get your sweepstakes entries, your packages, your coupons, your chain letters, your Christmas cards, out to the public every day, can't get laid for sour beans? Not that I got any complaints on that line.

Speakin a gettin laid though, if I was fixin ta lay the Clavin charm on somebody it wouldn't be that Lilith Sternin, ahh, no! That dame has a screw loose. That's just my opinion a that there, no offense meant.
awh I love Lilith.She was so different from everybdoy else.Her and Frasier were a good couple.
Well, live and let live, ya know. I don't mean to bad-mouth the Sternin, it ain't her fault she's flaky, her parents probably used to lock her in her room at night or something when she was a kid. That could even explain the hairdo, ya think?
hahaha.Yes I didnt like her hair in a bun.But when she let it down it looked so pretty.And I DO NOT THINK SHE'S FLAKY :)
Ahh, you dames always stick up for each other! Lemme tell ya sister, no offense meant there, but having that extra X chromosone or that extra Y chromosone or whichever it is there, unhinges ya a little to start with, that's why men run the world there, I'm just sayin.
Excuse me.Sorry to burst your bubble but men DO NOT rule this world.